My name is Clifford Leo Harris and I work as a freelance design consultant and event producer and I live in central London in Kings Cross.

I studied BA Product Design at Central St Martins and MA Design Futures at Goldsmiths and I specialise in furniture, products and design trends within sustainability, technology, culture, fashion and taste. I am interested in our changing relationships with objects and how they have changed from being designed to satisfy a need like a tool for example, into things that sit on shelves waiting for PR and media to create a need for. I have noticed that technology has changed objects from things that helped us to exist into things that actually enable us to be.

I love people watching and spotting cultural threads and evolving ideas, and I help to write lifestyle trend reports for a few large companies. I have been to many design network related events, lectures and co-creation workshops and have always enjoyed learning, evolving and becoming the next version of myself possible.

I love cycling and snowboarding and I know how to enjoy myself and I can often be seen at any of the local bars and restaurants but am often in my room playing guitar or electronic music and playing creatively on my computer.

I prefer the obnoxious over the demure,
the extra over the ordinary,
dry wit over slapstick,
gameness over gameyness,
attitude over appearance
and hipness over hipstersness.

I think people-watching is better than TV-watching.
Sometimes I am funny,
and other times just funny looking.

I'm confident and happy and that sounds cocky.
I am I swear.

It's biggerer and betterer

What I've learnt.

I don't think we are here just to become successful beings with good careers and to have the material things that life can offer.
I don't want to walk the fine line to prove that I am superior; making myself prone to the competitive nature of capitalist life.

I LOVE .....
giving love,
giving a compliment,
giving encouragement,
giving hope,
and giving praise;

It will never take anything away from you to be kind considerate and compassionate.
If you think life is a competition then I think you should become a different person.

What I believe is that our purpose of being here is to discover and experience the highest version of ourselves possible and to love one another.
I finally understand that there isn't really anything more I need to do; all I have to do is continue to live...

In my bedroom you'll find a scaffold bed, a snowboard, an MP3 player, old sox'n'pants, a bass guitar, a kite, an armchair, beer cans, lists of things to do and a messy boy or two.

I'm always looking for people to stimulate my imagination, scare me senseless make me laugh, enjoy this adventure and accompany me in my dreams.
My star is hitched to the best wagon and if you cherish your independence, expect the improbable, and deserve the impossible; and you're brave enough to get to the beautiful hidden places then come along with me.....
I'm ready, LET'S GO!!!!!!

Things i can't live without
LOVE ........
Friends and Family.
The 24 hours each day gives us.
The latest nights imaginable, yes please!!!
JOY !!
Things i don't live without
My vehicles....Bike, Snowboard, k2 Fattys
Music-sharing networks, DVD burner, Mac's
Garlic and Scotch Bonnets, Spinach, Midnight feasts, Coffee, Eggs........
Tears, Dreams, Hangovers, Bruises, Cuts and Burns....


My cameras and computers, amp and bass guitar, sequencer and Reason 5
Picture frames, empty walls, spaces and forgotten corners.

A long-forgotten MP3 of Elvis Presley, Nat King Cole or The Normal.
My Passport.........

Drinking sangria in Barcelona on a warm summer night, looking at people and loving the noise.
Listening to the ocean
Playing with echoes in the mountains....

My wondrous friends.

"I'm definitely 'NOT' this precious...."